Discover True Potential

We are an introducer for True Potential.
True Potential is an award winning financial services and technology organisation.

Award Winning Financial services

True Potential is an award winning financial services and technology organisation. We have evaluated the market and have identified True Potential as a workplace provider to partner with.

Simple. Effective.Unique.

True Potential work with close to 20% of UK financial advisers and their clients. By combining our Investment Management expertise with advanced Wealth Platform technology, we offer financial solutions built for the future and that of our clients.

COMPLIANCE and support

True Potential will assist you in staying compliant with legislation standards.They will provide dedicated support for you, as an employer and your employees


True Potential will deliver all relevant communications on your behalf. They will send automatic alerts to the employer when an employee is approaching retirement age or if contributions need changing – something less for you to think about!

True Potential’s award winning technology will help keep you and your employees on course to reach their goal.

Each employee login will enable them to;

  • 01

    Track their work place pension 24/7 online on a mobile, tablet or smartwatch.

  • 02

    Set a goal for their pension and view the valuation of the scheme after each pay period.

  • 03

    Analyse the scheme for performance and attitude to risk – the employee can change their attitude to risk at any time.

  • 04

    Top-up their pension on-the-go with True Potential’s world-first ImpulseSave service, which allows people to make micro-payments into your work place pension.

  • 05

    Employees have the ability to link up any existing policies and bank accounts