Workplace Pensions & Auto Enrolment Accountants

The Pensions Regulator has made it mandatory to offer a pension to your employees. Workplace pensions must be in place by your allocated 'staging date'.

Register Your Workplace Pension

Your workplace pension accountant will register your workplace pension scheme with your chosen pension provider.
Workplace Pension Service

Find A Workplace Pension Provider

We can introduce you to True Potential (a workplace pension provider)workplace scheme or list other approved workplace pension providers available to you .
Selecting A Pension Provider

Assess Employee Eligibility

We will assess the pension eligibility of your staff at each pay period, to ensure compliance with your auto enrolment duties.
Employee Pension Eligibility

Declaration of Compliance.

Legally, this must be completed 5 months after your staging date. It must be correctly completed on time. Our auto enrolment accountants do this for you!

Workplace Pension Account Service

• Registration of your workplace pension scheme with your chosen pension provider

• We introduce you to True Potential, an award winning pension, financial services and technology organisation

• After your staging date, pension information is uploaded to your pension provider through your payroll by our auto enrolment accountants

• The performance of your pension may be seen online (provider dependent)

• Declaration of compliance completed after 5 months

You Must Choose a Pension Provider

The Pension Regulator lists various popular pension providers or you may have already chosen a company you would like to use. Alternatively, we have identified True Potential as a workplace pension provider who we can partner with

Whatever pension provider you choose, we have the agent portal and specialist auto enrolment accountants available to process the pension deductions for your pension.

Workplace Pension Accountancy Service

A simple pension registration service with these easy steps:

1Simply tell us which work place pension provider you have chosen or we can introduce you to True Potential.

2 We liaise with your chosen provider, submit all the relevant data and register your business in your chosen pension scheme.

3An email is sent to your designated, authorised contact to approve the agreement. Once approved, the scheme is agreed and available to use.

Minimum Workplace Pension Contributions

% Contribution

1% Employer

1% Employee
Total Contribution 2%

Employers and Employees can choose to pay
more than the minimum contribution.

Your Workplace Pension Accountant will …

Your auto enrolment accountant will assess each employee, at each pay period, to ensure they are eligible for pension deductions.
If they are, we will;

1Deduct the agreed pension contribution % for each employee when eligible.

2Produce all the necessary reports to show all employee and employer pension deductions for authorisation.


We upload the data to your pension scheme & contributions are automatically deducted from your employers business account.

Declaration of Compliance

Legally, you must complete a Declaration of Compliance, 5 months after your staging date. It must be correctly completed on time. Our accountants do this for you!

Further Pension Information

If you need more information on the government legislation and your responsibilities as an employer, please refer to The Pensions Regulator